Seriously Fast API Authentication

Unkey is an open source API authentication and authorization platform for scaling user facing APIs. Create, verify, and manage low latency API keys in seconds.

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Features for any use case

Whether you are working on your latest side project or building the next big thing, Unkey has you covered.

  • Keys where your users are. Your users are everywhere and so is Unkey. Unkey stores keys globally, making each request as fast possible regardless of your location.
  • Per-key rate limiting. We understand that each user is different, so Unkey gives you the ability to decide the rate limits as you issue each key. Giving you complete control while protecting your application.
  • Temporary Keys. Want to add a free trial to your API? Unkey allows you to issue temporary keys, once the key expires we delete it for you.
  • Limited Keys. Want to limit the number of requests a user can make? Unkey allows you to issue limited keys, once the key reaches the limit we delete it for you.
  • Realtime Analytics. Every key and API has analytics to see how users use your product and drive your business decisions.