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Global API authentication with Unkey and Koyeb

Deploy and secure your API globally with Unkey and Koyeb.

by chronark
Deploy and secure your API globally with Unkey and Koyeb.

Global API auth with Unkey and Koyeb


Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform to deploy apps globally. Koyeb offers a fully managed environment to deploy any apps in seconds without managing any infrastructure. Koyeb supports any programming languages, frameworks, and tools to build your apps.

This example shows how to build an API using bun, secure it with unkey, and deploy it globally on Koyeb.



bun install

Develop locally

bun run dev


curl http://localhost:8000 -H "Authorization: Bearer <KEY>"

Deploy on Koyeb

Deploy to Koyeb

Replace the environment variable placeholders with real values from your Unkey dashboard.

Then hit the Deploy button. Koyeb will deploy your app in your selected regions and provide a unique URL to access it, or you can configure your own custom domain.

Now that your app is deployed, you can test it:

curl -XPOST https://<YOUR_APP_NAME>-<YOUR_KOYEB_ORG> -H "Authorization: Bearer <UNKEY_API_KEY>"

It should return a 200 status code and at least the following response, depending on your key settings:

  "valid": true

Manual configuration:

  1. Create a new project on Koyeb.
  2. Under the advanced section, add your UNKEY_ROOT_KEY and UNKEY_API_ID environment variables. You can find those in the Unkey dashboard.
  3. Click on the Deploy button