Fri Nov 03 2023 - Bugs, a11y, and onboarding improvements

We've spent the month of November bug-fixing and improving flows.

Welcome to the Unkey changelog. It's been a month since our last changelog, so let's talk about what has changed. We spent the month of November cleaning up bugs and making general improvements to Unkey.

Contributing improvements

When we announced our hiring and funding, we saw an influx of people wanting to contribute to Unkey. We quickly found out our contribution guide was hard to follow, and we had some third-party requirements that could be optional.

We now have a contribution guide that should take less than 5 minutes to follow and allow you to contribute. You can watch the video I made, which takes you through each area.

Onboarding flow improvements

We simplified our new user onboarding flow; prior, you'd have to create your workspace. We realized this adds more friction as a workspace is always required. When you sign up for an account, we automatically create the personal workspace.


We have started working on a11y issues across the landing and web application. This will continue on every project, improvement, or change to our website and dashboard.

If you find any, feel free to open an issue on our GitHub, and we will make sure it gets remediated.

Global API authentication with Unkey and Koyeb

Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform to deploy apps globally. Koyeb offers a fully managed environment to deploy any apps in seconds without managing any infrastructure. Koyeb supports any programming languages, frameworks, and tools to build your apps.

This template allows you to use Bun and Unkey and deploy it globally using their platform.

Get started with Koyeb and Unkey today!

Active key analytics are fixed

We fixed the active key analytics, so you should now see active keys for the current month both in your usage and our dashboard.

Bug Fixes and highlights

  • Upgraded to Next.js 14
  • Upgraded most pages to edge
  • Improve our mobile experience
  • Use Drizzle directly for CRUD
  • Community Springboot SDK
  • Fixed dialog overflow on desktop
  • Fixed documentation links 404ing
  • Fixed API names overflowing in our sidebar

There are many more bug fixes, but we couldn't include them all here.

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