Fri Nov 03 2023 - Employees, Insane Growth, and many improvements

The Unkey team has grown, and we saw insane growth in October.

Welcome to the Unkey changelog. I'm sorry the cadence has been a bit off recently; we've been busy working on some exciting things! You might notice we are including more info about the company in the changelogs. We want to be open and transparent, and this is the perfect place for them. I also traveled to San Francisco to watch the Next.js Conference in person, which was a great experience.

Company Updates

Andreas is now full-time!

After many late nights and weekends, Andreas is now full-time on Unkey! Andreas will be taking up the role of CTO and will be responsible for the technical direction of Unkey; and has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. I'm excited to see what we can achieve together!

Welcome Mike! 🎉

Mike joined Unkey at the end of October as our first hire. He will be working on the frontend of Unkey as he sharpens his skills and learns the ropes. Mike is an excellent addition to the team and has already fixed several bugs and added some great features!


October was a massive month for Unkey in terms of usage; one of our biggest customers had a great end of the month. To put numbers in perspective, in September, we did 150k verifications through the API system. In October, we did 2.3 million verifications! This is a considerable increase, and we are excited to see what November brings.

Github stars

On top of having one of the most insane months in terms of usage, we also had a great month in terms of Github stars. We finally cracked the 1000 star mark, a massive milestone for us. Being an open-source company, we love seeing people starring our repo, and we hope to see this number continue to grow.

Product Updates

Web Improvements

We have made a number of improvements to our website and web application:

  • Custom 404 pages
  • Masked IP addresses in the key usage table
  • Team switcher now truncates long team names and, on hover, shows the full name
  • Added format button to custom metadata on key creation

Unkey Core Improvements

We have done a lot of bug fixes recently, but we have also added two new features:

  • Soft delete expired keys: You can now see expired keys in the dashboard, and you can also update them. This allows you to offer a trial period and then update the key to remove the expiration entirely or set it to a new date when the user pays.
  • Vercel Integration: We now can directly integrate with Vercel, making it super simple to secure your API routes. You can read more about it at: Vercel Integration


Blog Posts

On our blog, we released three new articles that you might have missed:

Video Content

What is next up?

At this point, we talked a lot about bug fixes and minor features; now that we are a company with full-time employees, you probably want to know what we are working on next. The Unkey team will be working on introducing permissions to your API keys, giving you fine-grained control over who can access specific routes and what they can do.

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The First Changelog

Added this very changelog for your eyes, so you can be notified for all our features.

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New Go API and introduce pricing

We introduced our new Go powered API that is faster, supports verisioning and more!

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