Fri Sep 29 2023 - Analytic Improvements, Templates, and Full-time employees!

The Unkey team worked on improving the analytics we provide. We also introduced templates, to make it easier to get started!

Unkey Templates

We now have a Unkey templates section on our site! Both Unkey and the community build the templates, making it easier to start. You can find all our current templates at

Unkey Templates

If you have created a template or a starter, feel free to create a PR, and we would love to add it to our collection!

Analytics Improvements

We have improved our API analytics. You can now see successful verifications, rate-limited, and usage exceeded for your APIs. Segmentation of successful and unsuccessful requests allows you to have a holistic usage overview and understand your users better than ever!

API analytics image

We will continue to improve our analytical data as time goes on. If you need something for your application, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Root key analytics

We just released root key analytics. The root key is the key to the kingdom, and we want to make sure you can understand where it is being used. You can find the root key analytics by selecting details for the specific key.

Root analytics image


We are introducing @unkey/hono which offers a middleware authentication for Unkey. A minimal setup will read from the Authorization header and the result of the verification will be written to the context and can be access with c.get("unkey")

import { Hono } from "hono"
import { UnkeyContext, unkey } from "@unkey/hono";
const app = new Hono<{ Variables: { unkey: UnkeyContext } }>();
app.use("*", unkey());
app.get("/somewhere", (c) => {
  // access the unkey response here to get metadata of the key etc
  const ... = c.get("unkey")
  return c.text("yo")

Check out the docs for all the features

James is full time

Unkey is growing rapidly, and our usage doubled in August and 6X in September. When Unkey started, we knew its potential and the direction it could go. I am excited to begin working full-time on Unkey's overall direction and position.

If you want to chat about how Unkey can solve your API authentication or the plans for the future, feel free to find some time on my calendar:


This week, we released a new template and a blog post showing how to issue and associate your API key with a user.

Check out the blog post: Using Unkey with Authentication.

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The First Changelog

Added this very changelog for your eyes, so you can be notified for all our features.

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New Go API and introduce pricing

We introduced our new Go powered API that is faster, supports verisioning and more!

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