Fri Aug 11 2023 - Performance and Bug fixes

We spent some time fixing bugs and improving performance of Unkey.

Performance Improvements

UI Improvements

  • We now provide a mobile experience if you need to manage your keys on the go!
  • We also now have a theme switcher which allows you to enjoy Unkey in dark mode.

Bug fixes

We fixed several different bugs in the last two weeks here are the highlights:

  • Improve error messages to be actionable, soon we will provide a direct link to our documentation.
  • Creating a paid team doesn't lock you to Stripe page, and allows you to navigate back to your account.
  • Dark mode charts are correctly coloured.
  • Forms now correctly display errors, for missing or incorrect fields.

Self hosting is easier

We made Unkey easier to self host, we have hidden Kafka and Tinybird behind generic interfaces to provide more flexibility, you can now pass in flags to enable specific providers:

$ unkey agent --help
Run the Unkey agent
  unkey agent [flags]
      --analytics string   Send analytics to a backend, available: ['tinybird']
      --enable-axiom       Send logs and traces to axiom
      --event-bus string   Use a message bus for communication between nodes, available: ['kafka']
  -h, --help               help for agent
Global Flags:
  -e, --env string   Path to a .env file


How Unkey can help AI developers

OCR as a service with Unkey

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The First Changelog

Added this very changelog for your eyes, so you can be notified for all our features.

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New Go API and introduce pricing

We introduced our new Go powered API that is faster, supports verisioning and more!

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