Mon Jul 10 2023 - Build with your team

You can now work with a team, whitelist your IPs, track usage and much more!

We're excited to bring you our latest changelog for July 10th. Our team and the community has been hard at work adding new features and improving existing ones to enhance your experience with Unkey.

Whitelist your IPs

The Whitelist IP feature is an essential security measure that allows you to specify the IP addresses that you want to be able to call Unkey from. This update aims to provide you with an extra layer of security, protecting your data from potential threats.

To use the Whitelist IP feature, you need to be on our Enterprise plan. You can reach out to myself or Andreas in our Discord or via email and we can add the IP range.

Introducing Teams

We're thrilled to introduce support of teams. This feature allows you to collaborate more effectively with your team members and keeps your personal side projects separate from your work projects.

To create a new team, log into the Unkey admin dashboard, and select create workspace. Once you create your team, you need to upgrade the workspace to the pro tier. Once you have upgraded the workspace you can invite your entire team to Unkey.

Daily Usage analytics

We now provide daily usage for both your API and for each individual key. You can use the analytics to find out which of your APIs is being used frequently and which of your users are power users. This is live in your dashboard right now!

Usage Example from the Unkey dashboard

Community contributions

Our community this week, has helped us introduce SDKs for three more languages. Huge shoutout to Daniel Roe for introducing a Nuxt module, and the documentation that allows our users to integrate with minimal configuration.

Thanks to Discord user glamboyosa for introducing the Elixir SDK, documentation and example and finally thanks to jonxslays for introducing the Python SDK and documentation.

We truly appreciate the community for adding to Unkey and making the product better and better.

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The First Changelog

Added this very changelog for your eyes, so you can be notified for all our features.

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New Go API and introduce pricing

We introduced our new Go powered API that is faster, supports verisioning and more!

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